[I18n-sig] Link Exchange - September 03, 2005 - 12:17 AM

Andrew G andrewgreenburg at Grad.com
Sat Sep 3 07:17:22 CEST 2005

 I'd like to see if you are interested in Link Exchanging your website (and any other websites you may own/run) with our website.


You can link exchange with us and 50 other websites at the same time, and get linked back from all of them. http://www.asiaonlinegames.com/link-exchange-51.php . 

PLEASE NOTE, ALL 51 SITES ARE COMPLETELY POP-UP FREE. That means NO POPUPS at all, no spyware, no adware.

Please let me know if you add our link and where, and include your html link code so we can link you back IMMEDIATELY from all the 51 sites.

You can add our text link and the other 50 from grabbing the SOURCE code from this page:


( Just copy that url into your browser, and when the page is loaded, right click > view source, then Select EVERYTHING with your mouse, copy, and paste into your links page ).

You can ADD 15,535+ FREE ONLINE GAMES 2 YOUR website completely free, visit this page: http://www.asiaonlinegames.com/free-games-4-your-website.php

Apologizes if you recieved multiples of this email, our computer froze for 5 minutes (before we unplugged it) the first time we sent it and I'm not sure if it sent or not.

Thank you very much,
Andrew Greenburg
andrewgreenburg at Grad.com
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