[I18n-sig] python implementation of unicode collation algorithm

Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Mon Jan 23 12:37:10 CET 2006

James Tauber wrote:
> I've made a start on a pure python implementation of the Unicode  
> Collation Algorithm (UTS #10) but I thought I'd best check with this  
> SIG whether such a thing already exists.

I'm not aware of any pure python implementations.

I've created a pyrex-based C wrapper of the ICU collation library at:


You don't need pyrex to use this and there is a distutils
setup script to install it.

I'd be happy to make an official release of this if anyone is

There is also a SWIG-based C++ wrapper of a much larger portion of the
ICU library, including collation at:


This requires swig, hand editing of makefiles, and dynamic-library
machinations, which is in large part why I ended up writing my own


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