[Idle-dev] away from my mail

via the vacation program schmidt at cse.wustl.edu
Sun Aug 24 00:57:24 EDT 2003

I have recently moved to Vanderbilt University and may not be able to
reply to your email for a while.  If you have any questions regarding
ACE or TAO please send them to the ACE+TAO mailing list or
comp.soft-sys.ace newsgroup, as described in


If you have questions about our Wiley book on "Pattern-Oriented
Software Architecture: Patterns for Concurrent and Networked Objects"
please see


If you have any questions about our Addison-Wesley books on "C++
Network Programming" please see


If you're interested in attending my upcoming tutorial at UCLA on
patterns, CORBA, ACE, and TAO please see


If you're having problems decompressing or viewing any of the files at
my Web site, please see


for instructions on how to work around these problems.



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