[Idle-dev] printing in IDLE

Kurt B. Kaiser kbk at shore.net
Fri Apr 9 16:01:23 EDT 2004

<tpc at csua.berkeley.edu> writes:

> Hello Kurt, first I would request at least a more tortured way of
> automatic print and not something so simple as Ctrl-P.  Maybe this
> is out of ignorance, but I don't really see a need to have automatic
> print mapped to such a simple keystroke combination.

Ctrl-P is standard in the Windows environment, e.g. Notepad and Word.

> The default behavior should be triggered by GUI selects and clicks
> only, and the user can map automatic print to a keystroke combo.
> This is just my opinion.  

I don't think that it can be left unbound if it is to be later settable
by the user using the configuration GUI.  

> I should also add that the print-outs IDLE gives me seem to be
> truncated on the left side, and I am not sure whether this is due to
> my machine settings or IDLE, but print-outs from other applications
> such as OpenOffice Writer and Mozilla Firebird have no problems.

In Windows, the current print implementation is a quick fix using
Notepad, to be superceeded by something with features like a color
print option, headers, page numbers, avoiding breaking defs across
pages when possible, etc.

Take a look at your Notepad configuration: File/Page Setup 

On my W2K box, the left margin is set to 0.75 and I'm getting decent


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