[Idle-dev] Python 2.3 IDLE is randomly freezing.

Kurt B. Kaiser kbk at shore.net
Sat Apr 24 11:40:34 EDT 2004

Martin Cameron <sunet2000 at yahoo.com> writes:

> This might be a dupe (sorry)

Not a problem, I was slow in reviewing your original post.  I see
you're a member now.  The traffic is low on this list, so I moderate
non-member posts.  Otherwise we would have one ham for every ten or
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> Hi, is this the correct place to post things like this?  



> What happens is that after 10 minutes or so of typing in the idle
> editor window the application freezaes and stops repainting. There is
> no traceback output on the terminal.
> How do I go about debugging this? I tried to instantiate an
> EditorWindow in the debugger but it appears to require quite a bit
> of environment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Could be difficult.  From what you say, it's happening while you
are entering code, not executing it.  That's a critical difference.
Is there any pattern to the failures?  Are you entering a lot of

I haven't heard of anything like that before.  If it were common,
I'd expect quite a bit of noise :-)   I run IDLE for days at a 
time on OpenBSD without any hiccups.

Keep running apt-get upgrade.  Try Sarge, if possible.

Try running IDLE with the -n switch so it starts without the
subprocess.  If you still see the problem, it's likely Sid has
lost his mind again.  

Otherwise, if the problem disappears there may be an issue with
subprocess communications.

In rpc.py, near the end, you will find two debugging switches:
debugging = False

Set these to True and restart IDLE.  This will generate a lot of trace
information relative to communications between the GUI and the
subprocess.  Note that because of threading and multiprocess issues,
the traces are not strictly in time sequence order.  But they have
sequence numbers to help with the analysis.

Try to correlate your hangs with the traces.

What's the Debian Bug # ?


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