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Bugs item #763524, was opened at 2003-06-30 17:20
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Status: Open
Resolution: Accepted
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Guido van Rossum (gvanrossum)
>Assigned to: Kurt B. Kaiser (kbk)
Summary: Colorizing/Beeps/Focus/Crashes RFE/Bugs

Initial Comment:
I've been using the latest version from Python CVS on
Win9: quite intensively over the last week.  Some

- When reusing a blank untitled window to edit a Text
file, it keeps using Python coloring.

- When saving a Python with a non-Python extension
(e.g. .txt), it keeps the coloring.

- When switching off coloring by saving an untitle
buffer as a non-Python extension (e.g. .txt), it keeps
existing coloring.

- When opening a file reuses a blank untitled window,
it doesn't set the focus on the window.

- I take back my earlier request to do something when
the stack viewer window can't find a traceback.  It
beeps, but I had my sound off.

- When right click -> Go to file/line can't find
something, perhaps it should just beep rather than pop
up a dialog.

- Maybe anything that can't do something that's pretty
obvious should just beep?   Or maybe errors should be
displayed somehow but not require clicking OK?

- Selecting a window from the Windows menu doesn't set
the focus on the selected window!

- Keyboard shortcut for Redo (Ctl-Shift-Z) doesn't
actually work!

- Is there any way to set a breakpoint
programmatically? (the IDLE debugger equivalent of

- I think I crashed it by using the stack viewer after
closing the PyShell.

- It also crashed occasionally when using the debugger
(after many successful debug sessions).

- stack browser window needs title (currently says "idle")

- debugger doesn't always pop up when started

- source window doesn't always pop up when double
clicking in debugger

- want a "save all" in file menu.

- suspending win98 has high probability of crashing
idle when a subprocess exists (?)


>Comment By: Kurt B. Kaiser (kbk)
Date: 2004-08-22 00:40

Logged In: YES 

Addressed the two focus issues: reuse of blank window
and Windows menu now grab focus.

Addressed the two window raising issues in debugger.

Fixed in Python IDLE 1.1a3.
WindowList.py Rev 1.6 and associated changes.

Redo shortcut was fixed in Python IDLE 1.1a1.


Comment By: Guido van Rossum (gvanrossum)
Date: 2003-07-01 06:40

Logged In: YES 

2. There's a special feature that if you have a blank,
unchanged, untitled window (e.g. created by ^N) and then
from within that window open a file, the opened file reuses
the blank window rather than creating a new window like it
normally does. Apparently a few settings aren't correctly
set/reset in this case.

3. Agreed.

4. So true. It's fine to ignore it.


Comment By: Kurt B. Kaiser (kbk)
Date: 2003-07-01 01:30

Logged In: YES 

1. Rather than aggravate the list with endless copies of
this tracker every time one gets fixed, I'm going to add
the items to the TODO with a final disposition here when
all fixed (or not :)
2. I can't reproduce the first item.  What does "reusing a
blank, untitled..." mean? Exactly what did you do to get
to that point?
3. Generally, I like a quiet interface.   I don't like dialogs
popping up when I'm just being stupid or trying something
to see if it's possible.  Beeps are ok, I just turn the sound
down.  Of course some people like to listen to music, so 
I suppose we'll need a config option at some point.
4. In my experience, suspending W98 has a high probability
of crashing, period.  I'm not sure how I'd attack that one.


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