[Idle-dev] Built-in help under Mac OS X

Jonathan Brandmeyer jbrandmeyer at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 18 18:28:45 EST 2004

Under Apple's OSX operating system, the variable sys.platform is named
'darwin'.  In at least one place, idle makes a test to see if the
current platform is MS Windows by checking for the substring 'win' in
sys.platform, which leads to incorrect behavior on the Mac.

In particular, in lib/python2.3/idlelib/EditorWindow.py, member function
EditorWindow.python_docs() behaves incorrectly on OS X.  I believe that
if the test for MS Windows is completely removed that you will get
correct behavior on all platforms, based on my reading of the webbrowser
module source.

Please change that function to the following (near line 313):

    def python_docs(self, event=None):
            return "break"

Jonathan Brandmeyer

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