[Idle-dev] Where are the global and local variables kept?

David Pennell dpennell at guardnet.com
Thu Feb 19 18:15:27 EST 2004

When I used he debugger, 90%+ of the variables and messages I got 
weren't anything to do with my program. They were always variables from 
pyshell and IDLE itself. For that reason, I gave up on the debugger 
completely a long time ago. Periodically I've checked it out and it 
still does that. I use stuff in my programs now to debug, basically.
So first, does anyone get anything at all out of the debugger, and if 
so, what and how?

Secondly, is there any kind of fix or workaround already out there for 
this? I am not sure where and how IDLE stores the variables it displays 
with the debugger.

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