[Idle-dev] Segmentation Fault(s) on RH WS3

Kurt B. Kaiser kbk at shore.net
Fri Feb 20 17:02:23 EST 2004

tgrzybow <tgrzybow at rcn.com> writes:

> I have installed python 2.3.3 from source on RH Professional
> Workstation e3, 

The Fedora binary rpm doesn't work?  What about the .src.rpm?

> and I am trying to get IDLE running. No matter what I do, I get a
> segmentation fault. After trying a number of things, I have even
> gone so far as to install tcl and tk from source as well - still the
> same problem. Is there any way to debug this to determine how and
> where this is happening so that I may correct it without shooting in
> the dark?

I'm assuming that this only happens when you try to start IDLE, and that
python itself is working OK.  Please confirm you are actually running
Python 2.3.3 and RH hasn't found some older version.

First thing I would try is to start IDLE with

python [path to Python tree]/Lib/idlelib/idle.py -n

which will start it without the subprocess.  That should at least
confirm that your Tcl/Tk installation is OK.

Please copy/paste full error messages here and we can go from there.


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