[Idle-dev] idle 1.0.2 cannot bind (again) to port 8833 w/python 2.3.3

Neal Norwitz neal at metaslash.com
Fri Feb 27 16:37:15 EST 2004

On Thu, Feb 26, 2004 at 06:13:57PM -0500, Kurt B. Kaiser wrote:
> > Just in case, you can verify that 8833 is not in /etc/services.
> > If it is in there, change the value to another number.  The
> > new number must be unique in /etc/services (at least for all
> > the TCP services).
> If IDLE's port was registered in /etc/services, might that
> prevent oasd from grabbing it?  Or is services just advisory?

No, but it would allow the port IDLE uses to be changed without
modifying any code.  It would also document what port IDLE uses.
The only reason to make a port in /etc/services unique is to
ensure there isn't a conflict if both programs are run

/etc/services really just provides a mapping from name to number.
It allows a user to change the actual port in the case there's
a conflict.


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