[Idle-dev] Python 2.3 IDLE is randomly freezing.

Kurt B. Kaiser kbk at shore.net
Tue Jun 1 20:48:16 EDT 2004

Markus Ingvarsson <markus.ingvarsson at lugn.nu> writes:

>> Sounds like a Tk problem in the Sid environment.  Try setting up a
>> Tk text widget without using IDLE and see if you can reproduce the
>> problem.
> I created a window with just a textbox in it and pressed a key for
> quite some time, erased and typing randomly, it didn't hang.  IDLE
> usually hangs after a few seconds if I do this.
> I say _usually_ because I've been trying different ways to provoke the
> bug.
> If I open a new window (no syntax highlighting), I can type for all I
> care without it hanging.  But in PyShell or when editing a file
> (syntax highlighting), it hangs sooner or later - especially when
> holding a key pressed for a while.

OK, so you are narrowing it down to a Tk problem which shows up when
using tags.  Keep at it!  (It's getting to be more work, now :)


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