[Idle-dev] Qualified name autocompletion

Grégoire Dooms dooms at info.ucl.ac.be
Mon Jun 14 04:43:38 EDT 2004

Sorry for multiple posts, but the original mail has been retained by 
moderator, I got no news from him and I could not delete it.

I intend to use IDLE for a python course.
I patched it so it supports qualified names autocompletion using
namespace inspection a la CallTips.py.

I was about to submit the patch to the python patch manager when I
discovered that this feature is covered (more in-depth) by a large patch
(patch 906702) which covers a lot of features.

I have been using IDLE with this patch for a few days, and I think it's 
quite good though I did not review the source code (quite a big patch). 
The patch is a little hard to apply (had to do a couple diffs by hand), 
I may submit a context diff against CVS HEAD or any python release if 
you are interrested.

I have just a small comment about the AutoCompleteWindow : I should not 
pop-up when the word behind the cursor is not a prefix of any word in 
the list. Currently the window pops up and the item selected is the one 
where the partial word would be listed if it was present. (Hope I'm clear)

Do you think mine is worth posting (to this list  or to the patch tracker) ?

Grégoire Dooms

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