[Idle-dev] Qualified name autocompletion

Kurt B. Kaiser kbk at shore.net
Tue Jun 15 14:42:08 EDT 2004

Grégoire Dooms <dooms at info.ucl.ac.be> writes:

> Sorry for multiple posts, but the original mail has been retained by
> moderator, I got no news from him and I could not delete it.

I didn't see your posts in the spam I cleared out (that's the reason
for the 'moderation').  Not sure what happened to them.  But now you've
joined the list, that's the best way.  Welcome!

> Hi, I intend to use IDLE for a python course.  I patched it so it
>supports qualified names autocompletion using namespace inspection a
>la CallTips.py.
> I was about to submit the patch to the python patch manager when I
> discovered that this feature is covered (more in-depth) by a large patch
> (patch 906702) which covers a lot of features.

I expect that this patch will be applied.  I've been working with it for
awhile, and I do have a number of comments which will need to be addressed
before it can be incorporated.

> I have been using IDLE with this patch for a few days, and I think
>it's quite good though I did not review the source code (quite a big
>patch). The patch is a little hard to apply (had to do a couple diffs
>by hand), I may submit a context diff against CVS HEAD or any python
>release if you are interrested.

You could send your diff to Noam Raphael.

Noam has a group of people who are developing and testing this patch.
Perhaps you could work with them.

The last time I applied the patch, it was clean, but maybe the recent
work on CodeContext affected that.

I have been using the patch in a sandbox; I think that I'll start a
branch for it so everyone can sync up while we work on it.  As you
said, it's a pretty big patch and it will take some effort to get it
acceptable to everyone.

> I have just a small comment about the AutoCompleteWindow : I should
>not pop-up when the word behind the cursor is not a prefix of any
>word in the list. Currently the window pops up and the item selected
>is the one where the partial word would be listed if it was
>present. (Hope I'm clear)

Yes, one of my main comments on the patch would be that it makes for a
very noisy interface.  Tooltips were bad enough.  I'd like to see
nothing happen until the user hits a TAB (for any tooltip).

> Do you think mine is worth posting (to this list or to the patch
>tracker) ?

See above.  Please don't post patches to the list, they will get lost.


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