[Idle-dev] Python 2.3 IDLE is randomly freezing.

Kurt B. Kaiser kbk at shore.net
Tue May 18 00:44:23 EDT 2004

Markus Ingvarsson <markus.ingvarsson at lugn.nu> writes:

> For me, it always happens when I'm typing "fast", mostly when deleting large
> chunks of text. It doesn't matter if it's in PyShell or while editing a file.
>> Keep running apt-get upgrade.  Try Sarge, if possible.
> I was running the version in testing but upgraded and hoped the bug would be fixed..
>> Try running IDLE with the -n switch so it starts without the
>> subprocess.  If you still see the problem, it's likely Sid has
>> lost his mind again.  
> Still hangs.

So it's not the subprocess or subprocess communication.


> Changed debugging to True in RPCClient and RPCHandler, a lot of output
> is produced but nothing special when it hangs though.

No sense dealing with that if you can reproduce the problem w/o using the

Sounds like a Tk problem in the Sid environment.  Try setting up a Tk text widget
without using IDLE and see if you can reproduce the problem.


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