[Idle-dev] problems with IDLE sys.stdin

Jeff Learman jlearman at cisco.com
Mon Sep 6 22:43:41 CEST 2004

When running under DOS, sys.stdin.readline() is valid.
When running under IDLE, I get an attribute error when I try it.

Also, I want to use msvcrt.getch() & getche() but they don't
block as documented in Python docs section 22.1.2 (Console I/O).

For example, this program:  
import msvcrt

print msvcrt.kbhit() 
print "prompt: ", 
ch = msvcrt.getch() 
print ord(ch) 
generates this output, without hitting any keys:


It should block after printing "prompt: ", and only print the third line
after a key is pressed.

Sorry if this is a known issue, but there's no search option for
the idle-dev archive.


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