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Grégoire Dooms dooms at info.ucl.ac.be
Wed Apr 27 09:53:57 CEST 2005

Mike Sr. wrote:

>We use Python 2.3 extensively at work...
>I am also a VB-6 programmer and one thing I miss *dearly* is the ComboBox DropDown in VB-6 that lists all the defined Functions and Subs in the module...
>It would be very helpful to have a similar facility in Idle...
>Where all the defined functions were listed in a convenient drop-down menu and with one click you could find that pesky function...

If I understand well, you should have a look at Noam Raphael's IDLE patch:
It provides a drop down menu accessible through the Tab key which lists 
the members of objects and modules (after you type the dot).

You can download a set of already patched files from my page (patch 
applied on  some python 2.3 version):

I use these patched files for in-class IDLE use on a morphix live-cd and 
no student ever crashed their session.

However, using these files, I suffer from some instability of IDLE 
(under Debian). But, as I'm not the only one (see a previous thread on 
this list), it could be unrelated.

All the best,
Grégoire Dooms

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