[Idle-dev] IDLE freezing/hanging

tpc at csua.berkeley.edu tpc at csua.berkeley.edu
Tue Feb 15 03:38:08 CET 2005

hello, have any of you experienced this ?  This has been going on
intermittently for quite some time, I have no idea what causes it.  What
can I do to help debug the problem or find out the cause ?  Enclosed below
is a more or less accurate log of IDLE freezes, and as you can see I went
for a few months where it didn't crash.  I am wondering if this all has to
do with how IDLE interacts with Debian system.  I am on Debian unstable
and I do once a week apt-get updates and apt-get dist-upgrades.

15OCT2004 2:06pm
while testing code to see if convertListToString is necessary
Debian Sarge Python IDLE just froze on me again
pressing keys does nothing, unresponsive, total loss of data
second time this has happened to me
only thing I can do is kill -9 the process

and it pisses me off, this is the third time I can remember where Python
IDLE just crashes on me, just freezes up and is non-responsive and I have
to kill -9 the process and reboot and reload everything I've done up to
this point
this occurred while I was typing up experiment re looping through two
lists where len(eachList) was different, what would happen in such a case
01NOV2004 10:29am IDLE froze, apt-get removed, rebooted system, then
apt-get installed

01NOV2004 11:43am IDLE just crashed again

12NOV2004 1:57pm
ok, so after another event where IDLE froze, I must say I am very
dissatisfied with this Debian install, because the copy paste between
xemacs buffers leaves much to be desired and the IDLE freezes for no
apparent reason.  I will have to do another migration.

14FEB2005 3:25pm
just tooling around on IDLE and it froze, now I have to kill -9 the
process and restart it

14FEB2005 6:24pm
IDLE froze again, just when I was getting to some test runs  AARRGH!  This
hang occurred after I upgraded to IDLE 2.3.5-1 after the last hang.

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