[Idle-dev] IDLE freezing/hanging

John Zelle john.zelle at wartburg.edu
Tue Feb 15 03:55:36 CET 2005


This is just a quick "me too." I am running Debian testing (Sarge), and 
IDLE is terribly unstable. It hangs frequently while in the middle of 
typing. I thought this was probably a library problem due to some mixing 
of distributions that I've done, but I now have a "pure" Sarge install 
and am seeing exactly this same behavior. I have basically told my 
students to use Emacs or Eclipse instead. A shame, because I really like 
IDLE, when it works.

Is this just a Debian issue, or is it a general problem on Linux (Tk 
library, perhaps?).


tpc at csua.berkeley.edu wrote:
> hello, have any of you experienced this ?  This has been going on
> intermittently for quite some time, I have no idea what causes it.  What
> can I do to help debug the problem or find out the cause ?  Enclosed below
> is a more or less accurate log of IDLE freezes, and as you can see I went
> for a few months where it didn't crash.  I am wondering if this all has to
> do with how IDLE interacts with Debian system.  I am on Debian unstable
> and I do once a week apt-get updates and apt-get dist-upgrades.
> 15OCT2004 2:06pm
> while testing code to see if convertListToString is necessary
> Debian Sarge Python IDLE just froze on me again
> pressing keys does nothing, unresponsive, total loss of data
> second time this has happened to me
> only thing I can do is kill -9 the process
> and it pisses me off, this is the third time I can remember where Python
> IDLE just crashes on me, just freezes up and is non-responsive and I have
> to kill -9 the process and reboot and reload everything I've done up to
> this point
> this occurred while I was typing up experiment re looping through two
> lists where len(eachList) was different, what would happen in such a case
> ?
> 01NOV2004 10:29am IDLE froze, apt-get removed, rebooted system, then
> apt-get installed
> 01NOV2004 11:43am IDLE just crashed again
> 12NOV2004 1:57pm
> ok, so after another event where IDLE froze, I must say I am very
> dissatisfied with this Debian install, because the copy paste between
> xemacs buffers leaves much to be desired and the IDLE freezes for no
> apparent reason.  I will have to do another migration.
> 14FEB2005 3:25pm
> just tooling around on IDLE and it froze, now I have to kill -9 the
> process and restart it
> 14FEB2005 6:24pm
> IDLE froze again, just when I was getting to some test runs  AARRGH!  This
> hang occurred after I upgraded to IDLE 2.3.5-1 after the last hang.
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