[Idle-dev] IDLE freezing/hanging

Grégoire Dooms dooms at info.ucl.ac.be
Tue Feb 15 10:42:12 CET 2005

Me too.
I use Debian unstable and Idle patched with Raphael Noam's enhancements 
(they are great I would love to see this merged).

I tried to debug the problem but am not aware of a way to attach a 
debugger to a python process
(I would like to do it at a higher level than interpreter level with gdb).

All I could do up to now is strace both processes and see one of them 
repeating a sequence of futex and select calls (this is normal I think)
 while the other is blocked in a futex call.

I tried to get that process out of the futex call by sending a signal 
but all signals I tried up to now made it exit (HUP and CHLD, if I 
remember correctly). The problem is not easily reproductible as it seems 
to occur at random. But I feel it could be related to rate of typing as 
I nearly always get it when typing on my laptop keyboard.

I did not submit a bug as this is patched code and I never had a student 
annoyed by this bug.
I'm willing to help trace and fix the bug if you can direct me in the 
right direction.
Grégoire Dooms

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