[Idle-dev] idle -h etc

Alin Moldoveanu alin.moldoveanu at rdslink.ro
Wed Jun 8 10:02:54 CEST 2005

"idle -h" does not work in my Python installation (2.4 on Windows).

Anyway, I had a look at the source code, there was no option for starting
the editor at a certain line in a file.

But the source code it's quite clear and easy to change to do whatever I
want at startup.

Btw, IDLE has the same "free" license as Python, right ?!

And, regarding debugging facilities in IDLE. I just found the Python
language and I intend to use it in a big project. I think it's a great
language with powerful libraries. In contrast, the debugger for the standard
distributed editor (IDLE) is too simplistic and not even the easies to use.
I think improving IDLE (mostly the debugger) will help a lot many

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