[Idle-dev] idle -h etc

Kurt B. Kaiser kbk at shore.net
Thu Jun 16 08:10:30 CEST 2005

Hernan Martinez Foffani <hernan at orgmf.com.ar> writes:

>>> What other capability do you feel is missing?
> Just because you've asked, my wish list is:
> - A config option to set the current working
>   directory on shell startup.

It already does this for me.

> - That IDLE detects itself running and open
>   another window instead of another process
>   when I rightclick on a script (Windows OS).

As I said in my previous email, that seems hard, especially on
Windows.  Suggestions will be appreciated.

> - A config option that hides the shell when I start IDLE for editing
> a file.

Yes.  I am thinking of changing the -e and -i switches to override
the configuration files.  Then the right click would work better
on Windows.

> - Intelligent copy&paste of code snippets from browsers or ascii
> editors to idle's shell and back magically handling PS1/PS2 and
> tabs/spaces.  

Would be nice.

> - copy&paste code snippets from shell to edit windows as docstrings.

What would this be used for?  Is it worth the effort and complication
to eliminate typing a couple of triple quotes once in awhile?

> - the concept of a project integrated in IDLE

This could happen if people on the list could get together on a
(KISS :-) design.

> - subversion and/or generic SCM plugin capabilities.

I looked at this briefly.  The tools are so complex that integrating
anything more than the simplest functions (update, checkin) would
appear to be a big job and would clutter IDLE.  You would probably
still have to use the tool outside IDLE for branching and merging.
Have you tried TortiseCVS?  It seems to run well alongside IDLE.  It
has a pretty elaborate GUI in order to cover everything, and it's 
nicely integrated with Windows Explorer.

I use command line CVS with a couple of scripts (e.g. 'd' to get a cvs
unidiff of a file) for frequent commands in a separate xterm on Unix,
and I've never even felt the need to use emacs cvs mode.

I keep notes on the more complex manipulations because they aren't
done very often. Cut/paste between the notes and the command line 
works well for me, and command line history retrieval does the rest.

Maybe an extension, or multiple extensions, would be the way to go.
But I subscribe to the Unix philosophy of separate, optimized tools
rather than an integrated mediocrity.  And that way people get to
choose the tools which best suit their preferences.

I'm open to ideas on this.


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