[Idle-dev] Python Core Dump

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Mon Nov 21 12:46:34 CET 2005

Kurt B. Kaiser wrote:

>Fuzzyman <fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk> writes:
>>I report this, because I did hear that any situation where Pure python
>>code returned a core dump was deemed a 'bug'.
>>I'm running Python 2.4.2 under windoze.
>>If you go to idle and select "open module" from the file menu - and
>>choose "operator", then Python crashes. Obviously attempting to open
>>a C module like this isn't sensible - assuming you *knew* it was a C
>>Anyway - I hope this report is vaguely interesting or amusing to
>>someone out there.
>>Hmm... I suppose I should report a bug on sourceforge.
>If I try this with 2.4.2 on W2K, I get an error dialog which says, "No
>source for module operator".  There is no operator.py on my path.

Mine neither - ``operator.pyd``

This could be an oddity of my windoze setup I suppose, but it's a fairly
normal - XP SP2 running Activepython 2.4.2

It happens consistently, including on another machine running a Movable
Python distribution frozen from the original machine. (It's also XP
SP2).  (The Movable Python machine is the one I'm using now.)

>What happens when you try <import operator> using the Python
>interactive interpreter?
>From the Movable Python machine I'm on now :

>>> import operator
>>> operator
<module 'operator' (built-in)>

Is it still worth me filing this as a bug report ?

All the best,

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