[Idle-dev] Location of configuration files

Jason Doucette jason at jasondoucette.com
Fri Oct 14 21:26:30 CEST 2005


> > wouldn't it be better to place (on windows) not directly
> > into the root directory (I hate cluttering the root directory
> > with such "unnecessary" dirs ;) )
> >
> > [snip]
> >
> > Any opinions?

Franz, I agree with the cluttering of the root directory.  I was surprised 
to find on my Windows XP box that it installed, by default, into C:\, rather 
than in C:\Program Files.

I realize the installer gave the option to install to an alternative 
location, but it is best to let installers do what they default to -- simply 
because this is most tested variant (for some software, it is the only 
variant that works).  Thus, you have to expect that most people will install 
to the default location, and the default location should make sense.

I noticed in the reported bugs: http://www.python.org/2.4.2/bugs.html
that had I chosen to install to C:\Program Files, it would have failed --  
so, certainly, it is smart to leave things 'as is'. :)

> I don't worry too much about W98, they are single user systems
> and there isn't much clutter.  If you want to submit a patch,
> I'll probably add it, so long as it doesn't break systems which
> already have their .idlerc in c:\.
> It's been like this forever on W98.  W2K and WXP put .idlerc into the
> correct user directory.

Kurt, I notice the .idlerc directory on my Windows XP box is located here:
C:\Documents and Settings\Jason\.idlerc

Shouldn't this be:
C:\Documents and Settings\Jason\Application Data\.idlerc

(I apologize if I am missing something for being 'out of the loop'.)

P.S.  I noticed that when Kurt replies, that he replies directly to the 
poster, and CC's it to the idle-dev mailing list.  Therefore, I will follow 
suit.  Is this proper?

Jason Doucette / Xona.com
www.jasondoucette.com / www.xona.com

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