[Idle-dev] newbie question: getting emacs keybindings in IDLE

Ron MacNeil ronmac at media.mit.edu
Fri Oct 21 22:39:38 CEST 2005

forgot to mention that I'm working on WinXP..
cheers, ronmac

Ron MacNeil wrote:

> I am using IDLE version 1.1.1 in python 2.4.1 and would like to add the
> simplest emacs keybindings like C-p for 'move up one line', C-f 'move 
> forward a character'... C-n  'move down a line'... etc....
> Can you please point me to some approach that will do this? I've tried 
> to edit the existing IDLE keybindings but didn't really get very far 
> (kept banging into C-f being bound to Find even though I removed all 
> references to it in config-keys.def.... etc )
> I also have tried using XEmacs and find the lack of color a real 
> pain.  I've searched the web for emacs keybindings for IDLE and found 
> some interesting pointers but have not got anything to work..
> any help will be much appreciated..
> many thanks,
> cheers, ronmac

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