[Idle-dev] Erik Thompson's opinions on IDLE

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Thu Dec 7 23:18:32 CET 2006

Tal Einat wrote:
> On 12/7/06, Michael Foord <fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk> wrote:
>> Kurt B. Kaiser wrote:
>> > "Tal Einat" <taleinat at gmail.com> writes:
>> [snip..]
>> > My top items:
>> >
>> Even a faked tab like the IDLE dialogs would be fine. :-)
> I've actually been working on this lately. I took to enhancing tabpage.py,
> which is what the config dialog uses, and added some features:
> * Tab panes with several rows of tabs (optional)
> * Dynamic tab rows (optional) - rows of tabs are added or removed as 
> needed,
> currently according to a configurable number of tabs per row.
> * Simpler, more Pythonic API
> * Two placements methods for the inner pages - grid.raise and
> pack/pack_forget. Each creates different behavior, and I couldn't decide
> between them, so I made it configurable :)
> The code still needs quite a bit of work, its very raw right now - I just
> wanted to get it working for the extension configuration dialog I was
> working on. Still, IMO its a huge improvement, and perhaps a good step in
> the direction of reuseability?
> (Oh yea - I also made a dialog for extension configuration. :D)
> I hadn't mentioned it until now because interest was low and I'm still
> working on it. If you like I can send the code / submit a patch.

I'd certainly like to have a look at it. It sounds great.

>> Display/modification of sys.argv, probably in the status bar, or maybe
>> > in a separate status bar which would appear when activated.
>> >
> This is a very good direction IMO. One of the things IDLE is most useful 
> for
> is writing scripts, and being able to run them with a given sys.argv, 
> easily
> visible and changeable, would be bery helpful. I think this should be a
> toggle-able option, to reduce clutter.

It really annoys me that other IDEs don't give me the option to switch 
this off (like Wing and Pythonwin). Having to press another button to 
run a script sucks. (So keep it optional.)

All the best,



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