[Idle-dev] Newbie Question

Saul Spatz sspatz at kcnet.com
Wed Dec 27 17:14:13 CET 2006

I am rather new to both python and IDLE.  The references to IDLE at 
www.python.org seem sadly out-of-date.  I have a couple of simple 
enhancements I would like to make to IDLE that are not likely to be of 
general interest.  (I want to use IDLE in teaching, and I want to save 
the sessions, both user input and IDLE output.  I would like IDLE to 
remember where I saved the last session and default to that directory, 
and I would like it to prompt me if I close the IDLE window without 
having saved the session.)   It seems like these should be easy to 
program, but I can't find the IDLE source. 

Where is it, please?  I assume that I am allowed modify it just for my 
own use.


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