[Idle-dev] Potential Bug

Noam Raphael noamraph at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 01:14:05 CET 2006


Will the second window start colouring the text once saved with a
".py" extension?


On 2/16/06, Alex Kirkwood <alex at kirkwoodproductions.com> wrote:
> To Whom This May Concern,
> I'm using python for mac and am noticing some inconsistency with
> regard to the color highlighting for certain keywords such as "def"
> and "input".  Upon opening the IDLE the first edit window will always
> color highlight.  If I open another editor window the text is always
> black and I can't see the highlighting.  I'm currently taking
> Computer Programming at Chapman University and would like to thank
> you guys for creating this academic language, it's really quite fun
> to work with.
> If you have any suggestions towards my problem please let me know.
> Thanks,
> Alex Kirkwood
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