[Idle-dev] Erik Thompson's opinions on IDLE

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Tue Nov 21 17:25:14 CET 2006

Tal Einat wrote:

> This is a response form Erik Thompson to my question regarding what
> he likes about IDLE and which features he finds missing.
> Nothing too extraordinary, but things we're hearing to often:
> * would like tabbed browsing of windows
> * hasn't found the "recent files" feature

Tabbed editing and recent files shouldn't clutter the IDLE interface
excessively and would make it *much* more useful.

However the tabbed feature tends to lead to further feature requests,
like being able to drag the tabs to re-order them.

+many on these two features though. They would make a lot of difference
to IDLE.


> On the same note,
> What do you guys think of re-organizing our to-do list,
> asking around the Python community and see which feature requests rise?
> - Tal
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> From: *Erik Thompson*
> Date: Nov 20, 2006 9:23 PM
> Subject: Re: IDLE
> Tal Einat wrote:
> > Hi Erik, I just viewed your first VPython Video tutorial
> > for the first time... [snip]
> > I was especially glad to discover that you use IDLE
> > in your tutorials. I've been helping develop IDLE for the past year or
> > so and am trying to push its development forward, and this is a great
> > example of why it is useful. If you have any features you would have
> > wanted to see in IDLE, I would really like to hear about them. I'd
> > also like to know what you like about IDLE.
> Hi Tal,
> I'm glad you find VPython interesting as do I... [snip]
> I've been doing Python for just a couple years now.  I used IDLE because
> it was the first IDE I tried and I saw no reason to switch.  In the
> series I wanted to keep things simple with all the code for each program
> in one file and IDLE is well suited for that kind of developing.
> I have since tried Stani's Python Editor and have been using it more
> often as
> I like having several code files open at once where I can just click on
> a tab to see the one I want.  It also remembers the last ones I had open
> so when I'm working on a larger program over many days I don't have to
> be constantly opening the individual files for that program.  So I guess
> those would be the features I wouldn't mind seeing in IDLE.  On the
> other hand, one of the draws to IDLE is its simplicity.  Once you open
> the code window there isn't a lot of clutter or distractions in the
> window which is kind of nice.
> Cheers,
> Erik
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