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Summary: [IDLE-BUG] HP-UX 

Initial Comment:
I recently tried to use IDLE in HP-UX system and I have encountered some errors.
I have corrected it myself, but like to report these errors/Bugs.

My  system configuration
    HP-UX  B.11.00 
    python 2.5 
    Tcl ActiveTcl8.4
    Locale "en_US.iso88591"

First time it stated ok without any problem, but the next time it gave the
follwing error message: 
The Error happend when the IDLE tred to add the filenames in to the recent file list.
filename: /mmc/users/gg00215/mypy/contact6.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/bin/idle", line 5, in <module>
  File "/mmc/users/gg00215/Python-2.5/Lib/idlelib/PyShell.py", line 1402, in main
    shell = flist.open_shell()
  File "/mmc/users/gg00215/Python-2.5/Lib/idlelib/PyShell.py", line 275, in open_shell
    self.pyshell = PyShell(self)
  File "/mmc/users/gg00215/Python-2.5/Lib/idlelib/PyShell.py", line 811, in __init__
    OutputWindow.__init__(self, flist, None, None)
  File "/mmc/users/gg00215/Python-2.5/Lib/idlelib/OutputWindow.py", line 16, in __init__
    EditorWindow.__init__(self, *args)
  File "/mmc/users/gg00215/Python-2.5/Lib/idlelib/EditorWindow.py", line 248, in __init__
  File "/mmc/users/gg00215/Python-2.5/Lib/idlelib/EditorWindow.py", line 735, in update_recent_files_list
    ufile_name = self._filename_to_unicode(file_name)
  File "/mmc/users/gg00215/Python-2.5/Lib/idlelib/EditorWindow.py", line 284, in _filename_to_unicode
    return filename.decode(self.filesystemencoding)
TypeError: decode() argument 1 must be string, not None

* The reason I have found out that the argument is None in File "/mmc/users/gg00215/Python-2.5/Lib/idlelib/EditorWindow.py", line 284, in _filename_to_unicodein 
   becuase the line 36:filesystemencoding = sys.getfilesystemencoding() of /mmc/users/gg00215/Python-2.5/Lib/idlelib/IOBinding.py
   returns None:
* The reason for the sys.getfilesystemencoding() is giving None is becuase of my locale which
   is en_US.iso88591.


* I tried to fix the problem and I assumed the lcoale en_US.iso88591 is the default file
  system encoding.
* And I have modified the function  _filename_to_unicode by adding one except statement for
TypeError, the code given below.
    def _filename_to_unicode(self, filename):
        """convert filename to unicode in order to display it in Tk"""
        if isinstance(filename, unicode) or not filename:
            return filename
                return filename.decode(self.filesystemencoding)
            except UnicodeDecodeError:
                # XXX
		    return filename.decode(self.encoding)
                except UnicodeDecodeError:
                    # byte-to-byte conversion
                    return filename.decode('iso8859-1')
	    #raja next twolines
	    except TypeError:
        	return filename.decode('iso8859-1')

after that it worked nice, but becuase of curiosity I tried to open a text file which had a
Japanese name. Then I have encountered anotehr error/bug in IOBinding.py at function
so I have modified the the code as below again adding an except statement

    def askopenfile(self):
        dir, base = self.defaultfilename("open")
        if not self.opendialog:
            self.opendialog = tkFileDialog.Open(master=self.text,
        filename = self.opendialog.show(initialdir=dir, initialfile=base)
    	#raja try except
	    if isinstance(filename, unicode):
        	filename = filename.encode(filesystemencoding)
            return filename
	except TypeError:
	    return filename.encode('iso8859-1')

Now it works without any problems. I am not a professional programmer, so I would greatly
appreciate if you can fix this error with proper measures.

Thanks a lot in advance



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