[Idle-dev] IDLE getpass?

Douglas S. Blank dblank at brynmawr.edu
Thu Aug 16 18:07:50 CEST 2007

Tal Einat wrote:
>> 3) If I have to open a Tk window, how can I get it to appear on top of
>> the IDLE window?
> IIRC this depends on your window manager. Tk's 'raise' command
> ('tkraise' in Python's Tkinter, because 'raise' is a Python keyword)
> just doesn't work on windows - this is a well known bug. I seem to
> recall that the TopLevel widgets' 'wm_deiconify' method has something
> to do with it... Try a Google Groups search on this issue + Tk, and
> you should find an answer.

Ok, I can't find anything to fix this. I've tried combinations of lower, 
lift, deiconify, iconify, update, overridedirect, ... but nothing I do 
can get a new Tk window to appear on top of IDLE.

This is very confusing for new students (and experts). I'll do whatever 
is necessary even it requires plugin or whatever. Can I lower IDLE?

Any ideas?


Here's some code to help anyone see the problem:

# in IDLE on Windows XP:
import Tkinter
tl = Tkinter.Toplevel()

I can't get the tl window to appear on top of IDLE.

>> Thanks for any additional hints,
>> -Doug
> Sorry for the unusually delayed reply!
> - Tal

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