[Idle-dev] SearchBar - Have fun searching in IDLE!

Michael Haubenwallner michael at d2m.at
Mon Jan 29 08:56:31 CET 2007

Tal Einat wrote:
> Attached is a first working version of the SearchBar extension, with
> incremental
> search and word completion.
> What I need now is beta testers! Please take the 2 minutes it takes to
> install this, and report and issues or comments.
> (You can always disable the extension in config-extensions.def (enable=0),
> and the good old dialogs will kick in.)
> * AFAIK this -should- work with all recent versions of IDLE (those shipped
> with Python2.2 and above).
> Enjoy!
> Comments et. al. much appreciated.
> - Tal
> Usage:
> Just search as usual. When the extension is enabled it binds to the usual
> find/replace events.
> To complete words in the find and replace entries: Alt+/  ("slash", on the
> question mark key)
> Installation:
> Place the attached files in your idlelib dir,
> and add the following lines to config-extensions.def:
> "
> [SearchBar]
> enable=1
> is_incremental=1
> [Searchbar_bindings]
> toggle-search-bar=
> "
> (yes, the last 2 lines are required)

Cool, this is an great enrichment. Installation and usage is without any 
problems (working from win2k, python2.4.4 and python2.5.0).

Two suggestions come to my mind:
- can we have the window height stay the same ( if the window is not
   fullscreen a new row is added atm)
- i am used to the close button in the firefox searchbar, removing the
   searchbar is not easy atm, selecting "Find..." (CTRL-F) again throws
   a dialog "Error: Empty regular expression"



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