[Idle-dev] Adapting IDLE for different file types

Keith R. Fieldhouse idle at rexmere.com
Sun Mar 25 15:52:11 CEST 2007


I work on a project that uses Python as the basis for a very domain 
specific development environment.

For documentation and training purposes I'd like to use IDLE as the 
initial development tool.  In other words, my "getting started" 
documentation and class exercises for example, would be produced in 
terms of IDLE.

Thus far, this works quite well, IDLE strikes the right balance between 
simplicity, accessibility and capability.

One issue is that our development environment has a number of domain 
specific text files used in the process of developing applications. 
Naturally, IDLE is able to edit these files with no problem.  I would, 
however, now like to add syntax colorization and possibly indentation 
support for these text files.

Has any one done this?  Any thoughts on the proper approach or other 
hints would be greatly appreciated.   If there is some reason that this 
would be a Bad Idea, let me know that as well...

Best regards,

Keith Fieldhouse

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