[Idle-dev] Dealing with a few feature requests

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Thu May 24 22:31:18 CEST 2007

Tal Einat wrote:
> A few requests that have come up, and I want to hear some comments on 
> them:
> * Ctrl+Right behavior: It as been suggested that pressing Ctrl+Right 
> should jump to the next word ending, instead of the next word 
> beginning like it currently does. There is currently no way to get to 
> the end of a word with the keyboard except to use the arrow keys 
> repeatedly. It is also non-intuitive to some users.

This is not who most editors I use work, and would be unintuitive to me.

> * Cursor color change: For changes to the cursor's color to take 
> effect, IDLE must be restarted. This is a known issue with Tk's Text 
> widget, so I don't see how we could work around this... Still, we 
> could have a popup message appear after a change to the cursor color 
> in the config dialog, informing the user of this. I've seen several 
> bug reports on this already, and have heard by word of mouth that this 
> has frustrated several more people.

I've never noticed this. :-)

> * Tabbed pages - This is the #1 feature request right now. I know 
> several people who don't use IDLE just because of the lack of tabbed 
> pages. Is anyone willing to help me work on this? I have done initial 
> work (creating a solid TabbedPages widget), what's left is mostly 
> hacking IDLE's internals to use the TabbedPages widget instead of 
> opening new windows.

This would be a big bonus!!

Michael Foord

> - Tal
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