[Idle-dev] Mac OS X implementation problem

Denis Lorrain denis.lorrain at cnsmd-lyon.fr
Fri May 25 18:05:19 CEST 2007

Hello to all,

   An implementation problem has appeared on my Mac PowerBook G4
with French Mac OS X 10.4.9. I have used Python IDLE.app, and,
since then, my MCL 5.1 (Macintosh Common LISP) environment is
not functioning properly.
   I'm not a sophisticated user of Python, and used to open
PythonIDE for my ordinary limited usage. In fact, I've launched
IDLE.app rather inadvertently!

- a double click on the MCL 5.1 icon launches the Macintosh
  Script Editor, which protests not finding a dictionary, and then
  opens a gibberish window bearing the MCL 5.1 name and icon
  (cf. attached file ScriptEd.jpg)
- a <ctrl>-click on the MCL 5.1 application shows it is set to be
  opened by IDLE.app by default! However, it launches the Script

Before reinstallation of MCL 5.1:
- the only way to launch MCL 5.1 was to double-click on a MCL 5.1

After reinstalling MCL 5.1 from the CD:
- the above symptoms remain
- MOREOVER, all my MCL documents are NOW linked to MCL 5.0 (zero):
  the latter is launched when I double-click on any MCL document,
  whereas 5.1 (one) was correctly launched BEFORE reinstallation
  of 5.1

I have tried without result to remove some user preference files
in ~/Library/Preferences:
- com.digitool.MCL5.0b4.plist
- com.digitool.MCL5.1b1.plist
- MCL 5.0.plist

The problem is linked to only one user (myself) since another
user, on the same Mac, does not have the problems: MCL 5.1 is
functioning absolutely normally for him.

=> Python IDLE has boggled some file(s) in my personal environment.
Does anybody know how to fix this?

Many thanks for your attention,



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