[Idle-dev] Options -> Configure IDLE -> Highlighting in Idle 1.2.1

Tal Einat taleinat at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 20:56:18 CET 2007

Jeremy Nicoll wrote:
> Here, under Windows XP Pro, I'm trying to get used to IDLE.  Yesterday I
> used  Options -> Configure IDLE -> Highlighting  to define a custom colour
> scheme where each colourable area is defined as some bright colour (fg) on
> black (bg).
> In the 'clickable area' that shows the colours in effect for each type of
> colourable item, "cursor |" is shown in bright yellow on a black background.
>  But in the file editing window the cursor never shows up in yellow.
> Experiments suggest that the cursor is ALWAYS displayed in black (fg) on
> whatever background colour applies.

Try changing this setting, then close and restart IDLE.

> I've ended up changing all the other colourable items so they are on a
> fairly dark grey background.  The cursor is just visible, if you look
> closely.  It gets more visible if you lighten the background colour but I
> don't want to.  (I loathe white backgrounds, finding black much more restful
> on the eyes).
> Is this a bug, or what?

This is a known bug which has been fixed in SVN.

Still, thanks for taking the time to report this! Please do tell us
about any other issues you run in to.

- Tal

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