[Idle-dev] SourceForge.net privacy policy change effective 2007-09-04

SourceForge.net Team noreply at sourceforge.net
Sat Sep 1 22:05:21 CEST 2007

Hello, SourceForge.net User,

In connection with the ongoing SourceForge.net Marketplace open beta,
and our recent TRUSTe certification, on 2007-08-21 we published an
updated Privacy Statement for the SourceForge.net site.

Until 2007-09-04, when the the updated Privacy Statement will become
effective, it will be available at the following link:

Thereafter, it will take the place of our existing Privacy Statement and
will be available at the following link: https://sourceforge.net/docs/H02/

Thank you,

SourceForge.net staff 


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