[Idle-dev] Im in desperate need of help with IDLE and wxWidgets

James Duffy devsfan1830 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 05:25:31 CEST 2008

Ok, my issue is this. Overall I need to make a program that spawns a GUI
with two list boxes. It will receive an XML file with variables and their
data, parse it, and store these variables. It stores the names in one array
and their values in another. The program will then set the contents of the
list boxes to these arrays, thus creating a constantly updating display of
variables and values. I have the parser and storage working, but when I
introduce a GUI into the mix things go awry. I made a simple GUI using
wxGlade. I run the script it generates and I get the GUI window. However it
freezes IDLE and I can't enter any commands into it(IDLE) as I need to do
this to call my xmlRead function to start the parse. When I close the GUI
window, IDLE crashes. Sometimes when I run the GUI script, it crashes out
right. Right now I'm very lost as I'm really a rookie with Linux and have
just this year learned the basics of Python. I really need some help
figuring out how to get this stuff to run smoothly. FYI I'm running Ubuntu
7.10. Let me know if u need any specifics but keep in mind I'm a little
"Linux challenged" so I really appreciate it if u can take the time to give
me a dumbed down explanation of what I might do to fix things. I will be
willing to try an entirely alternate design. My goal is simply getting these
arrays up on a screen(but not using IDLE to do it).

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