[Idle-dev] Where to send patches?

Tal Einat taleinat at gmail.com
Sun Apr 27 10:18:06 CEST 2008

Roger Serwy wrote:
> Hi Everybody,
>  I wrote a patch to make PyShell's input behave more like a "shell window",
> where up/down key strokes go through the command history and all text input
> is sent to the current command line. Who should I send this to?

Hi Roger, welcome to the IDLE mailing list!

The first thing is to with a patch is to discuss it with this list :)

Changing IDLE's interface so that the arrow keys scroll through the
history can be done in the configuration dialog: Options -> Configure
IDLE ... -> Keys. However, moving the cursor around the window is very
useful and much more intuitive for novice programmers, so we want this
to be the default behavior. FYI, if the cursor is on a line/block of
previously run code, pressing Enter will copy/paste the code into the
current command line, and pressing Enter once more will run it again

As for the change that all text input be redirected to the current
command line - where in the command line? Always the end? Explaining
what kind of behavior you want, and why, before sending a patch could
save some work for all of us.

In any case, if/when you want to submit a patch, you can submit the
patch to the CPython issue tracker at bugs.python.org. Just register a
user there (if you don't have one), then select "New Issue" under
"Issues" in the navigation bar. Give the issue an informative name,
something with "IDLE" in it which describes your patch's purpose, and
please also select IDLE in the Components box. You can then also write
to this mailing list if you want some people to try it out and discuss

- Tal

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