[Idle-dev] One down two to go.

Mark Fenton bradfenton1 at optusnet.com.au
Sat Aug 23 01:33:49 CEST 2008

+AD4- Hi Mark,

+AD4- Did you try my first suggestion? If so, did you make sure to get it
+AD4- working from the command line first? Even if Vista (or some other
+AD4- version of Windows) has weird shortcut issues, it should definitely
+AD4-work from the command line.

+AD4-(To open the command line, Start -+AD4- Run -+AD4- type +ACI-cmd+ACI- and hit Return)

Hi Tal,

Couldn't wait to try your first suggestion so copied and pasted it and 
opened it straight from the desktop. Only just now have tried it from the 
command line and it works perfectly except that both double-clicking 
straight from the desktop and using the command line results in having that 
dreaded DOS window which sticks around behind the IDLE gui+ADs- is there any way 
to get rid of this unsightly black box (it's still haunting me).

+AD4- Which version of Windows are you using?

I'm running on Windows XP and have Python 2.4 installed.

There are two further problems I'm looking at that have been, as yet, 
unsolved and they are the following:

1. If I were to use your suggestion and send this game to a friend in an exe 
how would one code the following into the exe itself so that the following 
code: +ACI-C:+AFw-Python25+AFw-python.exe C:+AFw-Python25+AFw-Lib+AFw-idlelib+AFw-idle.py -r C:+AFw-hilo.py+ACI- 
would find it's way into the shortcut's properties on their computer? How 
would one code it so that the shortcut would install itself onto their 
desktop with the above code in their +ACI-start+ACI- and +ACI-target+ACI- areas+ADs- as well as 
the C:+AFw-hilo.py being installed automatically instead of manually as we've 
done in C:+AFw-? Would an +ACI-installer builder+ACI- such as Inno Setup or NSIS do the 
job for you automatically? I know a friend would have to have Python 
installed on their computer for the game to work.

2. I've been looking for a solution for string colouring for ages but also 
have had no success. The blue characters on white background in IDLE are 
very pleasing to the eye but occasionaly, when I run a program or game, I'd 
like to see the resulting string or strings that get spat out to be in 
different colours. For instance, say in my game hilo.py the strings +ACIAWw-Go 
higher+AF0AIg- or +ACIAWw-Go lower+AF0AIg- to be in different colours. Is there code for this 
that I could include into my programs/games?

I much appreciate your help.


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