[Idle-dev] (no subject)

Mark Fenton bradfenton1 at optusnet.com.au
Sun Aug 24 12:13:37 CEST 2008

Hi Tal,

     >  Again, try this first in the command line; This worked for me:
     >  C:\Python25\pythonw.exe -m idlelib.idle -r C:\hilo.py

Tried about 20 different configurations of the above in the 'Target' area in 
the shortcut's properties but each time I double - clicked it it just sits 
there and does nothing. No result in the command line either. Has anything 
changed between 24 and 25 that could be the cause of this behaviour? Having 
said that, I'm still over the moon that I've got the IDLE window up thanks; 
but it would just be nice not to have that horrid little black box skulking 
around in the background.

     > However, this is because IDLE is not meant to be used in this way.
     > IDLE is an interactive interpreter and code editor, but you're using
     > it as if it were a fancy shell with some GUI sprinkled on top.

You're right, I'm definitely using it for something for which it's not meant 
to be used for. It's absolutely excellent for the everyday normal routine 
purposes, it's just that I'm using it in a different way from what is 
regarded as the norm.

     > Python itself does support colorized text output, as well as blinking
     > text and all sorts of other effects; IIRC the built-in 'curses' 
     > does some of this stuff. This will only work if you run the script
     > normally (i.e. in the black DOS window), though.

Guess there's no way then to colourize the IDLE unless one could hack the 
curses module to work inside of the IDLE.

Many thanks,

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