[Idle-dev] Two small feature suggestions

Joseph Hocking jhocking at newarteest.com
Sun Aug 24 18:04:56 CEST 2008

Hello, I am new to IDLE and have two small feature suggestions for future
development.  I apologize if these features are already in IDLE and I've
simply failed to notice; I tried looking in the documentation webpage and
found nothing.

First off, it would be great if hitting Home took you to the start of the
text on a line, not the very beginning of the line.  I'm hard pressed to
imagine a situation where going to the literal beginning of the line while
coding would be useful, but it's very useful to snap to the start of text on
a line while moving the cursor around with the keyboard.

Second, the Class Browser could be improved a great deal by having an
automatic update.  There's no need to update while writing code, but it
would be great if the browser list updated whenever you saved the file.

Incidentally, both of these are implemented in other Python editors like
DrPython (my favorite of the several I've tried so far) so I wouldn't
consider this high priority, just a small suggestion from a new user.

-Joe Hocking
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