[Idle-dev] (no subject)

Mark Fenton bradfenton1 at optusnet.com.au
Tue Aug 26 04:03:08 CEST 2008

Hi Joe,

          > First off, it would be great if hitting Home took you to the 
start of the text on a line, not the very beginning of the line.  I'm hard 
pressed to imagine a             >  situation where going to the literal 
beginning of the line while coding would be useful, but it's very useful to 
snap to the start of text on a line while moving
          >  the cursor around with the keyboard.

For user preferences "configHandler.py" would most likely be the place to 
start (according to one of the emails above). As for how to code for your 
own preferences your guess is as good as mine as the notebooks in the 
Lib\idlelib section (for a newbie at least) are not particularily clear 
about how to do this; lacking any coding examples about how one should code 
for the desired result. It would be helpful indeed if they could include 
within these notebooks, for newbies like us, one or preferibly two consise 
ways to use the "configHandler.py" not in pseudo code but in real Python 
code dumbed - down enough for the general user to understand. Examples such 
as these would only enhance Python's already user - friendly reputation as 
an easy to use and understand programming language.

           >  Second, the Class Browser could be improved a great deal by 
having an automatic update.  There's no need to update while writing code, 
but it would
           >  be great if the browser list updated whenever you saved the 

Failing any result from the above, google's always there to help.


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