[Idle-dev] Help needed for using IDLE under Ubuntu 8.04

"叶 峰|Crow Yeh(Ye Feng)" crowyeh at vip.sina.com
Mon Jun 9 18:08:29 CEST 2008


I'm totally a beginner of python. I met some strange problem on using IDLE.

Python version is 2.5.2
IDLE version is 1.2.2
Ubuntu version: 8.04

All works fine except function invoking.
Say, the basic help() function, if I type in help(dir) and hit RETURN,
nothing happens, and the keyboard seems to be locked inside IDLE. I mean
no matter what I type afterwards, it looks like I typed nothing. The
pointer keeps flickering and IDLE just refuses to accept any further
keyboard input. The keyboard still functions well outside IDLE.
To see the feedback of help(dir), I have to invoke File->Print Window
(Yes the mouse still works fine inside IDLE), then I see the pointer
moves to the beginning of the next line, and now if I hit RETURN again,
it prints out the help info for "dir", and then my keyboard seems alive
inside IDLE again!

Python interactive session works OK as expected. It seems that only IDLE
doesn't like RETURN to be hit after the tailing "()" of functions. I've
tried several different function calls, same issue happens every time I
hit RETURN after typing in the function call (like

I've tried IDLE under Windows too, works fine. Ubuntu is main OS for me
to work on, and I don't want to switch to Windows for such a reason.
I've tried reinstalling IDLE with no luck. I also tried asking for help
in Ubuntu community like ubuntuforums.org, but all I get is suggestions
of trying out other python compatible IDEs insted of how to solve the
problem. And I get no confirm about the issue. So I don't even know if
it is some problem happens to me only.

Really strange, isn't it? Or am I missing something?

Please help. I'd really like to use IDLE as python IDE as I thought it
should be more native to python!



叶 峰|Crow Yeh(Ye Feng)

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