[Idle-dev] Some implemented ideas that may help IDLE, request for feedback

Guilherme Polo ggpolo at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 16:25:38 CEST 2009

2009/8/17 Tal Einat <taleinat at gmail.com>:
> Guilherme Polo wrote:
>> 2009/8/17 Tal Einat <taleinat at gmail.com>:
>>> Michael Foord wrote:
>>>> Guilherme Polo wrote:
>>>>> * Terminate the server process under Windows too. On python trunk this
>>>>> is done only for platforms that support os.kill.
>>>> +1
>>> +1 (wasn't such a patch already submitted to the issue tracker?)
>> I'm not sure about that, maybe I missed it.
> Silly me, I was referring to the patch which you yourself mailed to
> idle-dev a short while ago. I assume the changes in that patch are
> incorporated in your new branch.

Yes, but that patch received some adjusts. One of the changes is that
now it ignores WindowsError when killing the process, and I've also
removed the proposed new function on macosxSupport.py as it was
suggested that is it not required.

> - Tal

-- Guilherme H. Polo Goncalves

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