[Idle-dev] Making idle choose different python versions

Ranjan ranjand2005 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 08:29:22 CET 2010

Hi, I would request help in the following problem. 


I have installed Python 2.6.5 and then I installed Coopr
for optimization related purpose. Now coopr when installed has 
a python.exe file of its own in Python26\coopr\bin directory which it uses to
access the modules in coopr. Coopr modules "cannot" be accessed using the
python.exe present in \Python26 directory.

Now my question is how do I make idle choose the python present
 in the directory Python26/coopr/bin. Idle by default chooses the python in the
/Python26 directory.

Things I tried:

1. I tried changing the "start in" directory of idle 
(by right clicking and going to properties). It did not help

2. Added PYTHONPATH in environment variables (of the system) 
and set  PYTHONPATH = C:\Python26\coopr\bin. This also 
does not work.

Any help/pointers is appreciated.


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