[Idle-dev] Fixing and Improving IDLE

Roger Serwy roger.serwy at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 16:59:18 CET 2011

IDLE Developers,

By my count there are over 110 valid open issues against IDLE, some 
minor and others major. Let's try to make that number smaller.

Here is a partial list of issues that have working patches:

3573    IDLE hangs when passing invalid command line args 
(directory(ies) instead of file(s))
5219    IDLE/Tkinter: edit win stops updating when tooltip is active
6698    IDLE no longer opens only an edit window when configured to do so
6699    IDLE: Warn user about overwriting a file that has a newer 
version on filesystem
7136    Idle File Menu Option Improvement
7676    IDLE shell shouldn't use TABs
8515    idle "Run Module" (F5) does not set __file__ variable
8900    IDLE crashes if Preference set to At Startup -> Open Edit Window
13039   IDLE editor: shell-like behaviour on line starting with ">>>"
13179   IDLE uses common tkinter variables across all editor windows
13495   IDLE: Regression - Two ColorDelegator instances loaded
13506   IDLE sys.path does not contain Current Working Directory

Can these patches be applied? I understand that there will be need for 
some discussion, but we should try to avoid the bike shed problem.

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of "duplicate" bug reports. Some 
issues deal with invalid key bindings and should have a common solution: 
4765, 5707, 6739, 11437, 12387, 13071. (IdleX already has a work-around 
for these issues.) Other issues deal with permission error handling of 
configHandler.py: 4625, 8231, 9404, 9925.

One major patch which requires some updating and much consideration is:
10079   idlelib for Python 3 with Guilherme Polo GSoC enhancements
There are a lot of good improvements in there.

I am willing to help with fixing the remaining bugs if the IDLE 
developers are willing to help as well.

- Roger

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