[Idle-dev] Fixing and Improving IDLE

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Wed Dec 21 00:45:48 CET 2011

I have considered the possibility of separating IDLE, but I see two 

1. Although the IDLE code is currently very similar for each current 
Python version, it is not exactly the same. Py2/Py3 differences are 
obvious. Less obvious is that if we use ttk widgets, such as tabbed 
windows, as has been proposed, we might not want to backport to 2.7 
IDLE, or even 3.2 IDLE. Or we might want to use a new 3.3 feature 
elsewhere in Python for 3.3 IDLE.

An example of version differences from rpc.py, line 107:
  print>>erf, '\n' + '-'*40
  print('\n' + '-'*40, file=erf)
We could use __future__ imports to make the code more uniform. But I 
would ask on pydev list before doing so.

2. Each IDLE version has to run with the corresponding release and 
therefore should be tested with the current development version of each 
release. If any patch, even a bugfix, breaks IDLE, we should know as 
soon as possible, not on release day.

Terry Jan Reedy

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