[Idle-dev] IdleX - The IDLE Extension Pack

Roger Serwy roger.serwy at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 18:24:15 CET 2011

Hi All,

I have written a simple extension manager for IDLE and packaged several 
extensions with it. It can be found at: 

The extension manager loads extensions without needing to modify 
config-extensions.def. This makes distributing extensions simpler.

The features include:

* Terminal-like behavior for PyShell. The cursor is confined to the 
prompt and up/down arrow keys navigate the command history, similar to 
the original Python interpreter.
* Matplotlib support for interactive figures when using the subprocess.
* Tabbed editor windows with drag'n'drop reordering.
* SubCodes, similar to Matlab cell mode and Sagemath cells, for quick 
code prototyping without restarting the shell.
* Integrated reindent.py support.
* Improved code navigation with Code Browser.
* Cython editing and execution support. (Version 0.15.1)
* Line numbers for the Editor.
* Clear PyShell Window without restarting PyShell.
* Simple interface for enabling/disabling extensions.
* SearchBar, Squeezer, and IDLE2HTML included. (Originally by Tal Einat, 
Noam Raphael, and Michael Haubenwallner)

Some of these extensions might be useful in the standard IDLE distribution.

- Roger

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