[Idle-dev] Problem with the French keyboard on IDLE 3.2.2

Jean-Paul Roy Jean-Paul.Roy at unice.fr
Fri Jan 6 07:46:33 CET 2012

Hi !
I am starting an undergraduate course on Python 3.2.2 and I would like to use the IDLE IDE on Mac Lion, as IDLE is actually cool for teaching. BUT I have problems with some dead keys, for example to get the tilde char, by the sequence "Alt-n <space>", the "Alt-n" moves the cursor on top of buffer instead of displaying the ~ char ! The french input method seems to be ignored which is strange in the Unicode times. I looked without success in the Preferences/Key menu. Same for french circumflex e (ê) impossible to get with the keyboard, etc.
IDLE is hardly usable with such behavior. It is strange that this bug seems to be known for months but no remedy comes from the Python community :-( I have not this problem with other IDE which are alas a bit too complex for beginners (we wish the same IDE for all OS).
The course (250 students) will start in sept. 2012. 


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