[Idle-dev] Problem with the French keyboard on IDLE 3.2.2

Kevin Walzer kw at codebykevin.com
Sat Jan 28 20:06:50 CET 2012

On 1/28/12 10:38 AM, Ned Deily wrote:
> Unfortunately, the problem is due to lack of support of Mac OS X input
> methods in the OS X versions of Tk.  It needs to be fixed there but, as
> far as I know, it is not being worked on by anyone in the Tcl/Tk world.

It is being worked on; I'm currently reviewing an updated patch to 
address the problem. When I commit the patch, it will go into both Tk's 
trunk and in the Cocoa 8.5 backport, and eventually be available through 
ActiveState's distribution.

Kevin Walzer
Code by Kevin

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